How to contribute

There are many aspects in which you can contribute to the projects. First of all is to use them! More there are users, more bugs and problems can be found then hopefully solved.

Report bugs

If you find a bug, please report it through the mailing list with a detailed explanation to reproduce the problem.


Contribute code, bug fixes and features.


See the page mercurial about access to the repositories.


Patches are sent to the appropriate mailing list. Use the convenient Mercurial patchbomb extension to send an email.


hg clone
cd molko
hg ci -m "topic: super message"
hg email -r . -s "[molko]"

Please update the -s option according to the project name.

The template repository contains a file that describe more information about patches. Also have a look at the file per project wich may adds more information.

Coding style

We do have a strong coding style. It is applied to every project and describe the coding conventions for every languages used at Malikania.

Have a look at the from the template repository for an overview.